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Footrest - view all

  • Contour Ergonomics Professional Footrest Black CE77688
  • Kensington SoleMate Plus Footrest Black with Angle Incline K52789WW
  • Comfort Adjustable Footrest
  • Fellowes Office Suites Microban Adjustable Footrest Black 8035001
  • Adjustable Footrest Charcoal

Stool - view all

  • Folding Step Stool 2 Tread High Back White Aluminium 402790

Unspecified - view all

  • Kensington SoleMate Comfort Footrest Black/Grey 56153
  • Kensington SoleMassage Footrest Black with Gentle Rocking Mechanism 56155EU
  • Kensington SoleSaver Footrest Height Adjustable 56152
  • Kensington SoleMate Plus SmartFit Footrest Black/Grey 56146
  • Kensington SoleRest Footrest Grey Height and Angle Adjustable 56148
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